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A total station is an electronic optical measurement instrument used in modern surveying. The total station is an electronic theodolite  integrated with an electronic distance meter (EDM) to read slope and distances from the instrument to a particular point.

Robotic total stations allow the operator to control the instrument from a distance via remote control. This eliminates the need for an assistant staff member as the operator holds the reflector and controls the total station from the observed point.



Geodetic survey,  Land survey,   Topographic, Route and Construction Surveys, Deformation monitoring,  



Total Station and GNSS One Pole Solution 



R80 Motorized Total Station




  • Motorized Total Station for high-precision works
  • Stonex R80 is a Motorized Total Station for classic jobs for survey and stakeout and perfect for high precision surveying areas, such as rail traffic monitoring, control of structures, bridges, dams and landslide areas.
  • R80 adopts up to date automatic prism recognition and positioning technology and has a high accuracy of 0.5″-1″.
  • R80 has a distance measurement accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm (Prism) and a 1.000 m long range reflectorless distance measurement.
  • This motorized Total Station run Windows CE 7.0 operating system and each user can choose the software that best suits own needs. It supports also SDK and external control protocol for software developing.




TS+GPS with Cube-a Software

OnePole Solution combines the millimeter positioning accuracy of a prism measurement with the advantage of measuring points not visible from the TS through the GPS Receiver. A total station needs local control points on which it can be set. These points must be visible from the station and therefore the line of sight has to be free of obstacles. An RTK GPS receiver can determine its position in seconds with centimeter level accuracy using data from satellites. The ability to combine and use both systems simultaneously greatly improves surveying efficiency.


Advantages of the system:
• The OnePole Solution allows you to work simultaneously with TS and GPS
• TS and GPS (and diastimeter) can be simultaneously connected to the controller using Bluetooth
• Change the measurement mode from TS to GPS by one simple tap on the always accessible switch button
• Reduce prism search times through auto aiming to the current GPS position
• Easily setup your TS position by Station On Point and Free Station/Resection programs
• View on Google Maps your TS and GPS surveys


Cube-h24 Solution

Cube-h24 has been designed by Stonex to perform operations to check movements of points in natural places or artificial structures, considered to be at risk of stability. In general, the materialization of the points is made with prisms used for topography, in order to determine the real distances from a station point. It is however possible to use points marked on a reflecting surface.


Cube-h24 allows to:

• Set up surveys and calculation procedures, in order to compare the coordinates of the points subject to control in subsequent interventions
• Check either in real time or in scheduled time the displacements of the points

Main features

• Cube-h24 is a vertical solution for monitoring with motorized TS
• TS communication management
• Project management
• Continuous or periodic acquisition
• Graphical reports of the results
• Alerts and alarms generated in a range of critical values defined by user
• Sending log files and alerts or alarms to office by FTP or email


R80 Key features and benifits

1.) Accuracy 0.5’

2.) Connectivity. Long Range Bluetooth

3.) Long Range, reflectorless  to 1000m.  

4.) Light weight, Durable, Water Proof, Dust Proof.

5.) High Speed at 0.4 second measurement time.

6.) Motor tracking speed 35 degree/second

7.) 1mm LASER plumet.

8.) Guided light

9.) Battery with up to 8 hour operation

10). 4G internal memory.

11.) additional USB and RS232 interface for additional storage and communication.

12.) ARM Cotex A8 CPU






Two-year warranty. 

Stonex R20 combines functionality and reliability. Optimal measure performances up to 5000 m with a prism, 600 m reflectorless, and 2” as angular accuracy.

The high-performance telescope, with an illuminated reticle, provides the best sighting quality at any environmental condition. The onboard programs make it suitable for any construction site, cadastral, mapping, and staking out work, through a user-friendly interface.

As an alternative, an external controller can be linked to Stonex R20 via Bluetooth connection, giving the possibility to use smartphone, tablet, and custom field software.


Key Feature:

1. Measuring distances in one second, with 2 mm accuracy, makes any job extremely cost-effective and reliable. The wide range of application software allows completing the Surveyor’s tasks directly in the field.

2. The low power consumption circuit design enables R20 to continuously work for more than 22 hours.

3. Temperature and pressure changes have a negative impact on the accuracy of distance measurements. R20 monitors the changes and automatically adjusts the distance calculations.


Items included:

  • Two R20 Lithium Batteries
  • Charger
  • Rugged carrying case
  • Rain cover
  • SW Cube_link
  • 4 Reflective Sheet RP 30
  • 1 Reflective sheet RP60
  • 8G Pen Drive


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