Terrestrial Lidar X300 Key specs Scan objects up to 300 meters;

Scanner FOV:  360° x 90°, without optional pan-tilt base.

Minimum scan resolution/Step Size (degrees)1.35 second

Raw range Accuracy: ≤6mm @ 50 m   

Sample Data Rate (Hz):  at least 40,000 points per sec

Well suited for installations in harsh environments;

Light, handy, robust and IP65 certified;

Exceptional price vs quality ratio;

Two on board cameras to minimize distortion;

Friendly and very intuitive Setup and UI;

Constantly updated with upgrades always available online;

Automatic georeferencing of scan station point with GPS kit;

Suitable also for monitoring applications;

Wifi web interface control for smart phone/tablet

Modular software solution: from Survey, Mining, Construction module to full data post-processing