• Brand:
  • Surestar


U-Arm 3D Lidar Scanner


1)     A laser firing rate of 600,000 laser points per second

2)     A 360 by 300 field-of-view (FOV)

3)     Measurement Ranges >500 m, maximum range 1250 m

4)     High precicion at  +/- 5-8 mm at 100 meter

5)     Two 5 M embedded (effective 9M pixel) digital camera for large FOV at 50 by 40 degree

6)     Operation temperature range from -20 to 55 degree

7)     Standard 64GB storage

8)     Option for 24M and 36M Sony camera Option available

9)     Has Internal GNSS board, GPS port  and mounting available for direct geo-reference data

10)  Completely eye-safe operation, class I

11)  A compact modular design

12)  Bundled software to facilitate multiple scan alignment and analysis   



Other features

   U-ARM Laser Scanner can be mounted on a standard survey tripod

   Integrated dual-axis tilt compensator

   It can provide precise mapping even minor vibration generated from moving platform

   Battery Pack, It support 6 hours working time.

   Power Cable, All-weather construction, provide external power for continuous operation.

   Operator Control and Interface Either laptop PC or pocket PC (based on user preference)

   Data storage,  removable media ; laptop hard disk or (tablet)

   Data Transfer device , USB stick (pocket PC), Cat5 crossover cable if laptop is PC–wired; no device required if laptop is PC-wireless

   Quality Control Software

   Point cloud viewer software installed on a field laptop PC; enables data integrity and completeness     of scan checks before field de-mobilizing.

   Survey grade target for point cloud registration

   Ruggedized case facilitate easy transportation and protect equipment for rough handling