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  • TTA

Ag drone sprayer M6E-1

Tian Nong M6E-1---TTA’s 6th generation of agricultural UAV, comparing M6E, M6E-1 has terrain following feature, google map flight plan design. 

●Easy to drive ,easy to repair,water-proof ,very durable and low price
● Exclusive modular, dust and waterproof design!
● Spray system is originally imported from Germany, with national certifications.The whole



Weight (without battery)     9KG        Max Pitch Angle          ≤35°
Standard Takeoff Weight   23KG       Best Spraying Speed  4--6m/s
Payload                             10KG       Max Spaying Speed   10m/s
TTA Intelligent Battery       12S          Max Climbing Speed  5m/s
Hovering Power                 3100W     Max Flying Speed      15m/s
Temperature                      10-35C°    Max Anti-wind           14 m/s
Spraying Height                 2--4m    

Max Flying Altitude    3500m


Sprayer Model  Pressure Type ( Sector/hollow cone)
Quantity 2
Sprayer Diameter 0.5-1.5mm
Spraying Speed 4--6m/s
Spraying Volume 1.8--2.2L/min
Spraying Width 4-6m (up to height)
Spraying Droplet Diameter 80--200μm(adjustable)