Airborne Lidar Technology In Transportation Corridor

Key words: Airborne lidar; individual tree; segmentation; object based; DEM; raster; vector

Airborne lidar technology  is increasingly being used for ecosystem monitoring across geographic scales. It is  an efficient tool for acquiring geo-referenced spatial data for various applications essential to forest industry: Metrics relating to forest structure such as tree height, canopy cover and biomass can be

The successful detection and delineation of individual trees can also be obtained. It is critical in forest science, allowing for studies of individual tree characteristics and  species growth
modeling . It helps understanding of wildlife habitat and behavior in Micro level, It can be more precise measures of biomass in forests.

​Airborne LiDAR technology can provide users with a resolution better than 0.1 meters orthophotos, digital elevation model , cross section and contour. Surface features can  be visualized,  vertical and horizontal spatial information can be obtained in office computer . Individual tree crown area, trunck diameter, position and species can be obtained.

​Individual Tree  Crown (ITC)Segmentation

​Multi Algorithm ITC Comparision